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Quality politics


GARDENING COSTA DEL SOL LR has as strategic objectives the provision of services whose level of quality, respect for the environment and compliance with Health and Safety regulations make them competitive and appropriate to the work offered to our clients.

The GARDENERÍA COSTA DEL SOL Directorate establishes, reviews and approves the Integrated Policy, in a separate document which

  • It is appropriate to the purpose of the company itself, as well as to the nature and magnitude of its environmental impacts and the risks to OSH.
  • It includes the commitment to comply with the applicable legal requirements and other requirements.
  • Continuously improve GIS and the prevention of pollution and damage and deterioration of health, as well as eliminating hazards and reducing risks for OSH.
  • Maintain commitment for consultation and participation of workers.
  • It includes the commitment of continuous improvement of the management and the performance of the organization.
  • It provides the frame of reference to establish objectives and goals.
  • It is documented, implemented and maintained; and check periodically
  • It is communicated and understood by all the staff that works at El Centro or on its behalf and is reviewed annually to achieve continuous adaptation.
  • It is available to all the public that requests it: it is displayed in our facilities.


In this way, this policy is written for greater communication and dissemination.

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